Shipconstructor in AR

Our interest in technology allows us to push boundaries. We therefore continuously review our methodology, workflow, processes and consider efficient ways to improve the quality and accessibility of our output.

These internal objectives are driven by an understanding of the value of a more dynamic prosses than a static one, not only internally but also in terms of our communication with our clients the shipbuilders. The closer we come to a point where we can almost transfer data live from designer to builder the faster our clients will be able review a product, start with procurement and start building the vessel.

AR showcase

Experience the product using your mobile phone!
Simply scan the QR code below using your mobile camera to view the AR model.

Experience the product in AR using your mobile phone!



Mouse Left Press
to Pivot
Mouse right Press
to Pan
Ctrl+Mouse Scroll
to Zoom
to Zoom
to Turn
  • Full Structure
  • 1. Hull Bottom
  • 2. Frames and Bulkheads
  • 3. Hull Sides
  • 4. Deck & Bollards

Transferring data live will create an opportunity for us to showcase/introduce the value of a digital twin to the yard and the metadata that one can provide with ShipConstructor.


So, based on our own experience the first challenge we decided to take on was getting accurate “live” information/models to our client and their employees at the same time. This addresses two of modern-day challenges. Firstly, it will ensure that everyone has access to the latest data (no one works with drawing revision A while B has been released) and secondly it is an answer to the contemporary question: Why do we model in 3D and produce 2D drawings to build an object in 3D?


The importance of 2D drawings has its place especially when detailed manufacturing takes place however 3D serves just as an important function in specific areas where detailed information becomes over complicated on a 2D drawing especially to an inexperience artisan. The 3D design and data allow for a more realistic feel and touch with accurate guidelines and placement of the item being constructed.


Our answer – AR. These models are light and can be updated daily. This is useful in every stage from planning to design, review and build. It creates the opportunity where everyone who is part of the dynamic process to participate and contribute.


And one of the greatest things…It is accessibly by anyone with a smartphone from anywhere.


AR also opens a lot of doors towards the future. It creates a platform to showcase new designs for forthcoming builds and it is a steppingstone for us to the world of VR and XR…

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